Human left hand beside a robotic right hand

AI–generated text will soon be indistinguishable from that written by a person.

A rainbow array of sequins

Check out these emerging and established dragsters from UBC who know how to werk it.

Women in red robes and white bonnets pray on steps in The Handmaid's Tale

Writers have explored how abortion becomes entangled with how we shape the future.

An illustration of a large hand caressing a stream

Forgotten one, you remember what you were...

UBC alumni in Asian pop music

Here’s a look at UBC individuals who pursued careers in Cantopop, K-pop, and more.

Six LGBTQ+ books by UBC–related authors

Read all about queer experiences in these new books by UBC faculty and alumni.

A black and white headshot of Denzel Washington from the film "The Tragedy of MacBeth"

There is a deep irony when it comes to Shakespeare and Black people.

Inside spread of William Shakespeare's First Folio showing an illustration of the author

This extremely rare book was published in 1623, seven years after the playwright’s death.

Illustration of hands sewing amidst blobs of colour in the background.

The pandemic has spawned a sewing surge and a chance to rediscover the practical arts.

UBCO FCCS launches a new residency program for artists, writers and performers.

The Daddies. By Kent Monkman, 2016. Acrylic on canvas, 60” x 112.5”. Collection of Christine Armstrong and Irfhan Rawji.

Kent Monkman is changing the way people look at Canadian history.

Illustration by Gracia Lam

Danny Ramadan, MFA’20, is an award-winning novelist, speaker, and LGBTQ-refugee activist. 

The Lee family sitting down for dinner. Albert Lee, Saint Mary’s University, Gorsebrook Research Institute, GRI_134 (1958)

A new exhibit on Chinese immigration and BC highlights belonging, racism, and resilience.

Illustration by Gracia Lam

The Atlantic named a short story collection by Doretta Lau as one of 2014’s best books.

Tetsuro Shigematsu wrote and starred in a one-man play.
A stuffed lion with wooden teeth survived a fire and inspired a doctoral thesis.
These pollinators are essential for healthy ecosystems.
Hinda Avery

Hinda Avery, PhD’93, makes a case for elderhood, activism, and comics.

Gregory Middleton, BA’89, creates magic through the lens.

The Alchemy of Truth: The power of story to change the world.