An illustration of cities enclosed in bubbles

UBC researchers are helping us imagine a city where people feel more connected.

Patient in hospital with IV tube attached to hand holds pregnant stomach

Pregnant people of minoritized racial identities experience more pressure from providers.

Cat stands alert on concrete wall in yard

Free-roaming domestic animals can transfer infectious parasites and diseases like rabies.

A nurse giving a shot to a patient.

Dr. Horacio Bach discusses vaccination against the latest variants of SARS-CoV-2. 

Blurred health care worker with patient on gurney in hall near hospital elevator

The pandemic has exacerbated high levels of errors and mistreatment in health care.

Stack of chocolate cookies on a plate, with peanuts and crumbs beside it

The earlier that pre-schoolers start this treatment, the better.

Scientist in protective body suit tests wastewater at outdoor treatment facility

Wastewater surveillance involves testing sewage to obtain data about population health.

Women in red robes and white bonnets pray on steps in The Handmaid's Tale

Writers have explored how abortion becomes entangled with how we shape the future.

A woman sits looking out of a window at trees

Trees and green spaces are an antidote for the stressors of modern life. 

Nurse in PPE suit pours liquid into tube at patient's bed in hospital

A UBC prof examined all unexpected deaths in Canada during the pandemic’s first 19 months.

Dr. Sana Shahram standing in front of an orange butterfly mural wall.

A UBCO professor’s passion for change manifests in equity-driven community research.

Three men on bikes cycling through a forest

Anchoring dialogue about mental health to fun activities could be the key.

A nurse works in her office as a student approaches her.

UBCO’s collaboration with the community breaks down barriers to harm reduction services.

Crowd outside the U.S. Supreme Court, protesting the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade. One prominent sign reads: "March like your future depends on it."

Two UBC law profs weigh in on the draft decision and why it’s a “devastating blow” for women.

Diverse crowd of people

Many queer people faced mental-health inequities during the pandemic.

Headshot of Dr. Kimberly Huyser, standing outside, with arms crossed, smiling

Despite persistent inequities, Indigenous responses to the pandemic have been innovative.

UBCO's Dr. Thu-Thuy Dang

A scientific team conducted a genetic investigation into the "happy tree."

Close-up shot of a UBC hockey player wearing the high-tech mouthguard showing UBC Thunderbirds logo

A UBC concussion study could pave the way for safer hockey.

Close-up image of bare feet stepping on a digital scale

When it comes to sustainable weight loss, how effective is tracking what you eat?

Hand of doctor reassuring her female patient

The pandemic has catalyzed more accessible ways to deliver abortion care.