A drawing of a number of people on a futuristic spaceship.

A UBC prof adds some zip to our Zoom.

John Helliwell smiling, with his arms outstretched, with sketches of flowers over the image.

COVID necessitated a switch to virtual work for millions. How has this affected well-being?

A wide angle image of the backs of a group of people watching a wildfire in the distance

A UBCO sociologist shares lessons from wildfire survivors and tips for fire season.

Two women walking along the lakefront. Woman on left has a bike with her.

How to get the perks of adventuring for less time and money this season.

Neon light sign with the words "open".

As we anticipate the re-opening of workplaces, schools and more, these tips can help you cope.

Woman running on a trail in the forest

How I outwitted inertia and learned to (mostly) like working out.

People walking down a hallway. Graphics with copy overlaid over image, with statements like "Are you okay?" and "What's going on?"
You can do more than you might think.
The study focused on a group of nearly 5,000 people in the U.S. born between 1957 and 1964. Credit: Unsplash

The relationship between good grades in high school and future leadership responsibilities in...


App allows people to literally walk through the experiences of Syrian refugees to gain a better...

Fridays for Future

Here’s why the youth climate movement is resilient and will bounce back after COVID-19.