Dr. Leanne ten Brinke holding a white mask over her face

Dr. ten Brinke and her students study liars, truth-tellers, and everything in between.


UBCO's Dr. Thu-Thuy Dang

A scientific team conducted a genetic investigation into the "happy tree."

Fridays For Future march on November 05, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland

Canadians don’t need to look up — the devastation wrought by climate change is all around us.

Illustration of planet and astronaut.

We shouldn’t have to make a choice between the night sky and global internet.

Dr. Peter Cullis smiling, in a lab.

The most widely used COVID vaccine relies on a novel drug delivery system developed at UBC.

An image of two researchers in a lab.

Sepideh Pakpour investigates how microorganisms in our built environment interact with us.

Photo of a man looking up with a VR headset on.

Getting people to care about the oceans can be particularly challenging.

Photo of a masked child sitting on the ground reading.

A pediatrics prof offers tips on how to protect kids who aren't yet immunized.

Side profile of a model of a skull, showing blood vessels

A drug used for cancer can restore memory and cognitive function in mice with Alzheimer’s.

Photo of Mohammad Zarifi posing with his sensor invention.

A new sensor provides a quick test to measure antibiotic resistance.