An illustration of wildlife and plants living by a seawall

Protection from floods and rising seas requires a collaborative relationship with nature.

An illustration of trees growing out of skyscrapers

UBC scientists take a leaf from nature’s book.

A nurse giving a shot to a patient.

Dr. Horacio Bach discusses vaccination against the latest variants of SARS-CoV-2. 

Scientist in protective body suit tests wastewater at outdoor treatment facility

Wastewater surveillance involves testing sewage to obtain data about population health.

Grizzly bear walks on a logging road in B.C. forest

Researchers have created the first global map of animal movement between protected areas.

Tick on bumpy surface

A campus project could become a blueprint for predicting insect activity.

Poke bowl

UBC researchers examined 362 Vancouver restaurant menus from 1880 to 2021.

Vancouver campus aerial photo

It's about to change the future.

Two scientists handle sheet of bioplastic

Two UBC ventures are working on solutions to eliminate plastic waste.

Honeybees on a honeycomb

Collapsing bee colonies could pose problems for farmers who need crop pollination.

Hill and empty field at mining site

A lab is aiming to speed up a mineralization process from thousands of years to weeks.

Dr. Leanne ten Brinke holding a white mask over her face

Dr. ten Brinke and her students study liars, truth-tellers, and everything in between.


UBCO's Dr. Thu-Thuy Dang

A scientific team conducted a genetic investigation into the "happy tree."

Fridays For Future march on November 05, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland

Canadians don’t need to look up — the devastation wrought by climate change is all around us.

Illustration of planet and astronaut.

We shouldn’t have to make a choice between the night sky and global internet.

Dr. Peter Cullis smiling, in a lab.

The most widely used COVID vaccine relies on a novel drug delivery system developed at UBC.

An image of two researchers in a lab.

Sepideh Pakpour investigates how microorganisms in our built environment interact with us.

Photo of a man looking up with a VR headset on.

Getting people to care about the oceans can be particularly challenging.

Photo of a masked child sitting on the ground reading.

A pediatrics prof offers tips on how to protect kids who aren't yet immunized.

Side profile of a model of a skull, showing blood vessels

A drug used for cancer can restore memory and cognitive function in mice with Alzheimer’s.