An illustration of trees growing out of skyscrapers

UBC scientists take a leaf from nature’s book.

Human left hand beside a robotic right hand

AI–generated text will soon be indistinguishable from that written by a person.

Rocket taking off with cloud of exhaust

Mandating that leftover rockets are guided safely back to Earth could save lives.

Boy wearing VR headset while walking across illustration of mountains and valley

Using VR and AR for outdoor education can boost knowledge, access, and well-being.

Tick on bumpy surface

A campus project could become a blueprint for predicting insect activity.

Hand holding smartphone with app open

Gig industry platforms fail to acknowledge the realities of women workers’ experiences.

Two scientists handle sheet of bioplastic

Two UBC ventures are working on solutions to eliminate plastic waste.

Headshot of Pooja.

A new device is helping to make the world more accessible for people with disabilities.

Hill and empty field at mining site

A lab is aiming to speed up a mineralization process from thousands of years to weeks.

Close-up shot of a UBC hockey player wearing the high-tech mouthguard showing UBC Thunderbirds logo

A UBC concussion study could pave the way for safer hockey.

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Innovations and changes in the metal supply chain can reduce the footprint of metal extraction.

Graphic showing globe in the bottom with names of RNA viruses emanating outwards and depictions of their spiky shape in the top half

A research team uncovered almost 10 times more RNA viruses than were previously known.

Dr. Ngoc Tan Nguyen created a flexible, washable battery

UBC researchers have created what may be the first battery that is both flexible and washable.

Photo of Robby the robot.

The newest member of UBC’s Athletics & Recreation team is a line-painting robot.

An artificially intelligent floor-cleaning robot at work on UBC’s Vancouver campus.
Leveraging their uniquely human qualities will give workers the edge in a high-tech future.
A drawing of coins with dollar signs coming out the back of a car as it drives along a street.
A UBC film prof's new documentary offers a glimpse into a dystopian digital economy.
A drawing of a number of people on a futuristic spaceship.

A UBC prof adds some zip to our Zoom.

Felicia Chan and Bahar Moussavi, laughing.

Three UBC students launched a non-profit to help neurodiverse youth in computer sciences.

An image of Kendall Ho

Zoom works for the information industries, but how do we perform physical work remotely?

An image of two researchers in a lab.

Sepideh Pakpour investigates how microorganisms in our built environment interact with us.