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Frontiers of Medicine

A Picture of Health

From revolutionary gene-editing techniques to heart valves for kids made from synthetic materials that can last a lifetime, rapidly evolving technologies are leading us into a new era of medical science.

Sepideh Pakpour investigates how microorganisms in the built environment interact with the human...
UBC-grown medical marvels.
Dr. Brett Finlay and colleagues think that many “non-communicable” diseases — including heart...
A novel method for assessing dementia risk could help populate critical drug trials.
UBC’s Hedtrich Lab takes on Canada’s other drug crisis.
UBC spinoff AbCellera’s rapid response to COVID-19 has multiplied its capacity for discovering more...
How CRISPR gene-editing technology is changing the future of health sciences.
The most widely used COVID vaccine relies on a novel drug delivery system developed at UBC.
A doctor holding a cellphone presents augmented reality on a screen.
As public health and medical research continues to find answers to our individual and social needs,...