Futuristic image of a woman staring into camera, with the light of a projector shining on her and computer code and copy in the background.


The Future of Work

The pandemic has upended our work routines. Advancing technology is propelling us into an unknown future. And powerful social movements are tearing down barriers to equality. There’s only one thing we can reliably predict in the future world of work, and that’s change.

Young workers are nimble, connected, and redefining employment relationships on their terms.

Leveraging their uniquely human qualities will give workers the edge in a high-tech future.
A UBC film prof's new documentary offers a glimpse into a dystopian digital economy.

A UBC prof adds some zip to our Zoom.

COVID necessitated a switch to virtual work for millions. How has this affected well-being?

Many organizations, including UBC, are implementing strategies to counter systemic racism.

Two UBC Sauder grads created a platform to connect hourly workers with hiring managers.

Three UBC students launched a non-profit to help neurodiverse youth in computer sciences.

The venture capital model is undergoing a radical rethink, thanks to the next generation.