A young woman supporting an elderly woman as she walks in the neighbourhood. The later is using a walker.

What is the cost of care?

UBC experts discuss the reality of care in our society and how to improve the system.

Three glasses containing red wine, white wine, and rose. Glasses are tilted with wine splashing out.

Okanagan Wine and Art: Homecoming Edition

Four Okanagan wineries lead wine tastings and discuss their way of integrating art and wine.

Photo of glazed salmon against a yellow and blue background.

Culinary adventures with The Lazy Gourmet’s Susan Mendelson

A step-by-step masterclass in preparing a gourmet meal, from a UBC alum.

Photo of Betty Hung against a blue background.

Junior Chef: Kids cooking class with Beaucoup Bakery’s Betty Hung

This cooking class for kids from a Beaucoup Bakery chef and UBC alum is easy, fun and tasty.

Photo of a drum against a yellow, orange and blue background.

Get your Bhangra on!

Get your energy and heart rate pumping during this Bhangra workout.

Photo of a cocktail and garnish against a blue and orange background.

Cocktails 101 with Mike Shum

A UBC alum teaches the recipe for two signature cocktails (or mocktails).

Photo of four beers against a yellow and blue background.

Adventures in craft beer

In this webcast with craft beer experts, learn about some of Metro Vancouver's finest brews.