Leveraging Your Perfectionism

Achieve your goals through a positive approach to perfectionism.

Many of us have aspirations, and all of us can cite instances when we have not taken action towards these. If you tend towards perfectionism, your lack of action may be more common than you’d like. You may worry your work will not be good enough and/or you lack the necessary skills and experience to meet your goals.

In this webinar, Isabeau Iqbal, BSc’93, MA’04, PhD’12, describes how you can use your perfectionist characteristics and tendencies, such as holding yourself to high standards and motivation, to move forward on your meaningful goals.

She provides three strategies that can help perfectionists move from inaction to action by honouring who they are. As a perfectionist herself, Isabeau understands that the way forward is by using these strengths and not denying their existence or wishing them away.

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