Inside spread of William Shakespeare's First Folio showing an illustration of the author

This extremely rare book was published in 1623, seven years after the playwright’s death.

A portion of the Canada and China flags, overlapping each other.

Following the release of the two Michaels, is Canada’s relationship with China likely to...

Red and cedar Aboriginal carving for the truth and reconciliation commission.
In its 2015 final report, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was clear: “Without truth
"Bacchanal of the Andrians" by Titian

Dr. Edward Slingerland explores the age-old allure of alcohol in his new book Drunk.

Headshot of Sandra Fox

Fox’s desire to help her fellow Indigenous students was recognized at UBC's recent graduation...

People walking down a hallway. Graphics with copy overlaid over image, with statements like "Are you okay?" and "What's going on?"
You can do more than you might think.
Three students walking outside on UBC Vancouver campus.
UBC students find ways to tackle global issues despite pandemic.
Overhead shot of a person taking a lie detector test
The telling of lies might be just a bad habit for some, but a UBC Okanagan researcher says that
Alison Conway

How the women of UBC Okanagan are challenging stereotypes, shifting power paradigms and working...

Women feel better when they work with other women

The #metoo movement has brought the widespread sexual harassment experienced by women in the workplace to the fore...