Photo by Don Erhardt

On December 8, UBC unveiled a bold new climate action plan.

Illustration of planet and astronaut.

We shouldn’t have to make a choice between the night sky and global internet.

Wide angle view of mountains, with a person standing on a grassy knoll in the foreground

As the world races to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, how do we best get there?

Two researchers by the water, jotting down notes, with a view of the mountains in the background.

COP26 aims to help countries protect communities and natural habitats amid climate change.

Photo of a man looking up with a VR headset on.

Getting people to care about the oceans can be particularly challenging.

Phot of UBC researcher Zhaohua (Cindy) Chen smiling at the camera.

UBC researchers are empowering Metro Vancouver communities to combat rising temperatures.

Flower of Triantha occidentalis

It's the first new carnivorous plant identified by botanists in 20 years.

A wide angle image of the backs of a group of people watching a wildfire in the distance

A UBCO sociologist shares lessons from wildfire survivors and tips for fire season.

Side by side headshots of Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis smiling.

Two world-renowned climate activists and journalists are joining UBC’s geography department.

Illustration of hands sewing amidst blobs of colour in the background.

The pandemic has spawned a sewing surge and a chance to rediscover the practical arts.