Marty Stanowich, MBA’14

Marty Stanowich, MBA’14

Marty Stanowich, MBA’14, is Head of Marketing for iBuildNew, a property technology portal that matches Australians looking to build or a buy a new home, to the  home builders that are a best fit. Read on for his career story for his insights into what makes a strong leader and how he achieves his career objectives.

What is your best career advice?

The best way to future-proof your career is that whatever role you take, at any company, in any a problem solver. Take "I don't know" as a rallying cry to figure stuff out. Life and careers change, but having the curiosity to tackle problems will only make you smarter, more employable, and have more fun as you do work that matters to you.

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership means treating people with respect, having a vision and then motivating people to believe in that cause. Also, leading by example is crucial - you can't get someone to respect and follow you, if you don't walk the walk.

What lesson have you learned from a leader you admire?

One of my former bosses is a good friend and mentor. He always took the time to genuinely know and care about the people who worked for him - from the janitorial staff right up to the VPs. He demonstrated why emotional intelligence is so critical to being successful - and not as some abstract concept - but rather just by truly listening to people. I've always tried to do similar in my career.

What ways do you demonstrate leadership?

Leading by example. Having some emotional intelligence. Clearly articulating a vision and then sharing that with my staff and peers. I believe that good marketing is a vital strategic cog to an organization’s success. But it only works if the person running the show truly believes in the product/service that's being offered.

What methods do you use to keep on track with achieving your goals?

Professionally, I use Trello to create a Kanban board and use a technique called the Eisenhower Matrix that sorts tasks by urgency and immediacy.

In my personal life, I live and die by my iCaI. I need to have things written down and scheduled. I also make notes of medium to long-term goals and check in on them every few months.