It’s 2021… Now What? Simple Habits to Boost Productivity and Navigate Uncertainty

The trillion-dollar question for 2021 is “how much longer are we going to be in this pandemic?” Humans weren’t made for uncertainty, yet we’re all swimming in it. Setting goals can feel like throwing darts in the dark, and building good habits while working at home seems to require a herculean effort. Happy New Year?

Seriously, though. How do we move forward when we don’t know what lies ahead?

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Make sense of complex situations like the one we’re in now
  2. Determine what habits are worth investing in
  3. Discover how to build and maintain them

You will leave this session with a new sense of clarity, and learn practical ways to be more deliberate, productive and engaged at work (even if you’re still at home).

About the Speakers

Cole Nakatani, BCom'11

Cole Nakatani, BCom’11, is a social entrepreneur and educator with over ten years of experience designing and facilitating transformational learning experiences for hundreds of university students and professionals. Cole co-founded Ideahack Digital in 2011, a web development company and Hydra Learning Labs in 2016, specializing in curriculum design, facilitation, and training. He has worked with Canada’s top entrepreneurship hubs including MaRS Discovery District, e@UBC and RADIUS SFU to deliver innovative educational programs online and in-person.

Cole is a certified Integral Coach® and has worked with individuals in various positions and organizations from startup founders to managers and social enterprises to public companies. A common thread in all of his work is to build new capabilities within people so they can be more productive, deliberate, and engaged in their work and life.

Cole is also a frequent guest lecturer with the UBC Sauder School of Business. He co-founded Commerce 486M in 2014, an integrative capstone course for senior students, and played a key role in piloting and scaling Commerce 101, as a senior student, to be an innovative ‘big picture’ course designed to illustrate the importance of diverse topics in Commerce. Both courses continue to thrive to this day.

Outside of work, Cole enjoys exploring ways to expand his edges, whether it be multi-day meditations and fasting, freediving deep below the surface, or trail running with his flat feet through BCs old growth forest.

Mark McCoy, BCom'06

Mark McCoy, BCom'06, is an unapologetic generalist - social entrepreneur, strategy consultant, facilitator, and coach - with a passion for understanding and working with complexity at the level of individuals, organisations, and large-scale systems. Mark has led innovation, strategy and execution, and change transformation initiatives in his work with startups, scale-ups, Fortune 500s, and on multi-stakeholder systems change initiatives.

Mark is a certified Integral Facilitator® and recently spent a year on research sabbatical studying complexity theory, systems theory, developmental psychology, and their applications to organisational design and personal development.

Mark is a founding partner at The Adjacent, an Organisational Design & Effectiveness consultancy based in London. The adjacent works with progressive leaders across a range of industries in the public and private sector.

Beyond work, Mark is an avid reader, enjoys biking the streets of Vancouver, New York, and London (or his living room during lockdown), and perfecting homemade pizza recipes.

Recorded January 19, 2021.

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