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sara hodson
Sara L. Hodson, BHK’02

Sara Hodson, who received an Alumni Builder Award from alumni UBC in 2020, is the founder of LIVE WELL exercise clinics. After leaving UBC, Hodson worked for a number of years in cardiac rehab, helping heart patients recover from surgery, heart attacks, or strokes with slow and steady exercise programming. After finishing a rehab program, these patients had nowhere to go, and Hodson saw a massive need in the market. In 2011 she founded LIVE WELL exercise clinics, and nine years later has 17 locations across three provinces in Canada.

Hodson's life's work is simple; she believes Exercise is Medicine that we all need to be taking every day, and says her clinics can help people with chronic conditions to change their lives.

Prior to the pandemic, LIVE WELL was on track to expand across the country, as well as into the US. Pivoting her business to a virtual platform, Hodson has worked with the government to keep her facilities open and alleviate pressure on the health system by helping to keep Canadians healthy, strong, motivated, and connected.