Your Next Career Step - E7 - Exploring Empathy: Become more understanding of others

Do you want to feel motivated and inspired? Find out how, in the middle of a pandemic, our alumni from around the world are rethinking what it means to be a leader. Your Next Career Step is a podcast miniseries with a new episode airing every two weeks. On the final four episodes, we explore how career paths are forged by paying attention to possibilities.

In Episode #7, host Nicole Yeasting, BA'11, Manager of alumni UBC’s Career Program is joined by Carina Koo, BCom Candidate'23, and Chirag Jadhwani, BCom Candidate'22, hosts of the podcast, “The Empathy Show”.  These two UBC students focus on the themes of empathy and emotional intelligence in their podcast that they launched last fall.

Carina is a second-year student studying commerce and specializing in organizational behavior and human resources, with a minor in Sociology. Chirag is a third-year student at UBC studying commerce and computer science. Learn how these two students use empathy to address issues that exist in their daily lives and how we can all bring more empathy and change to our communities.